Selecting the right helicopter

What is the primary use? Is it a business tool for transporting key staff to inaccessible places? Or is it for private and recreational use? Whatever the use, interpreting the manufacturer’s performance data takes some expertise and experience. Not all helicopters have the performance to carry a full payload of passengers and a full tank of fuel. Other considerations include operating costs, customer support in New Zealand, maintenance and spare parts availability.

Purchase at the right price

Like any acquisition, you must do the legwork. If it’s a second-hand helicopter then a feel for the worldwide market is essential. New helicopters require a good relationship with the manufacturer. Advanced Flight has successfully negotiated the purchase of 12 new helicopters on behalf of private owners. Once the contract has been signed we will manage the project through to fly away stage. This can involve an interior upgrade, custom avionics, Certificate of Airworthiness, and training for pilots.

Minimise operating expenses

One of the key benefits of using Advanced Flight to manage your asset is that we make sure there’s no fat in the system! Insurance, fuel, hangar, maintenance. We scrutinise all accounts prior to paying them on your behalf.